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November Newsletters

Good afternoon everyone - it's that time again!


Our Newsletters are attached for last month to see what we've been up to across Melton and specifically on our Beat Area.


We've definitely seen a turn in the weather as we start off December and head into the festive period, so please don't be complacent out there on the roads.  

How Can You De-Ice Your Windshield?


Please check your cars are fit for the winter weather conditions - these simple things could make all the difference over the coming weeks...

*Screen wash topped up?

*Tyres correct pressure?

*Tyres with sufficient/legal tread?

*All lights working?

*Windows/windscreen completely cleared before setting off?

*Cold/wet weather gear in the boot in case of emergency?

*Plenty of time allowed for your journey?

*Is the alcohol out of my system from last night?


Stay safe out there and look out for each other


Edd & Adam



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